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Patrons and Supporters

HUUUUGE THANK YOU to ALL of our Supporters and Patrons that made our album release and 2022 tour POSSIBLE! You don't know truly how much it means to me to have your support. You have my love and utmost gratitude... 
-Morgan :)

2022 Album and Tour Sponsors:

Bill Mullin 

Brian Johnston 

The American Jazz Museum 

Gerald Dunn

The Blue Room (the Venue for our shows) 

KC JAZZ ALIVE (Non-profit organization) 

Jon McGraw 

The Coyle Family, Silvia, Craig, Daniel, and Anne)

Brock and Sarah Henning 

The Napoleon Family 

Roger Wilder

Joey Du Bois 

Dean Scarlett 

Eddie Moore and Tribe Studios 

2022 Supporters:

Christopher and Terri Burnett 

Artist Recording Collective (ARC)

Clarence and Janet Smith 

My Family!! 

Laura Martinez at "World Fusion Events"

Toni Oliver 

Karen Griffin 

Dahana Pope 

Greg Carroll 

Bill and Melinda Reindl 

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